About Wakarla



Wakarla means crow in the Adnyamathanha nation language located in the mid north of South Australia.   The crow happens to be my favorite bird, watchful, intelligent and humorous.  The Adnyamathanha language is almost gone in everyday use.  I myself am learning Adnyamathanha even though I am from this nation.   I create designs based upon flora, fauna, people and stories of the Adnyamathanha people as a way to teach myself and to preserve it.  I am grateful to have a vast collection of resources to create designs for a lifetime and beyond. I also wanted the audience, you, to have something unique to wear. 

I love art and design.  I wanted people to wear a design that speaks to them, so I put my work on t-shirts of top quality construction.  I do not want to mass produce for my work should be limited and unique. I am always looking at new sustainable ways to create my work as I am a big lover of nature.

I am located in NSW as I migrated here for new adventures.  I visit my homeland as much as possible and draw much inspiration when I am on home soil. I love nature and wow does it give me inspiration and ideas.  

I have operated Wakarla online since 2015 and is such an awesome experience doing so. 

At the moment is just me, Jason, working away at this amazing project, I do get help from amazing people all the time. 

If you would like to contact me please do, I can be reached at wakarlajc@gmail.com

Facebook: wakarla

Instagram: wakarla_clothing

Twitter: wakarladesigns